In the amazing shooting adventure game Towerland, you must complete three levels in three different game modes.


Black Bears' Towerlands is a strategy game. It emphasizes tower defense. To protect your castle from the advancing enemy, you must build a defensive tower, enlist troops, and equip yourself. Boss battles, enemy castle captures, and PvP competitions are all options.


Towerland has been overrun by Diabot, the terrible force that governs over it. In this country, knights are renowned for their valor. In the role-playing game Towerland, the protagonist must ascend each story of a tower to defeat every enemy. You could die several times, and it will be challenging. On every level, you'll come across hostile monsters with lethal abilities. If you are struck, your heart will break. Climb the floors to face the three monsters and rescue the planet. You may also eliminate them to switch the game's mode upon restart. Three different game modes exist.


  • WASD on the keyboard moves the arrow keys.
  • To pause the game, press P.
  • Left analog stick or D-pad Right Analog/XYBA
  • Movement to Shoot Start/Menu