Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset

The objective of Tanuki Sunset, a fun and engaging skate game, is to rack up as many points as you can and score as highly as you can while having a good time.

How to Play

Skating on the sky-bound roadways of Tanuki Sunset is a very challenging endeavor. It is extremely simple at first, and players quickly learn how to use the analog stick to manage Tanuki's pace, direct the board, and eventually collect money.

You may train yourself to do incredible things such as leaping off of ramps and longboarding backwards. You may drive around the breathtaking mountain views and navigate your way through the bustling city streets.


  • To move, use the "A" or "D" key, as well as the "Left" and "Right" keys on your keyboard.
  • To quicken the stance, use the "W" key on your keyboard (hold)
  • Using the "S" key will move the slide cursor by 180 degrees.
  • To drift, use the space bar.
  • To pause, hit Escape