Slope is an exciting video game in which the objective is to control a ball as it rolls down a succession of slopes while avoiding obstacles and accumulating as many points as possible.

How to Play

The video game Slope is a never-ending runner in which players take control of a ball that rolls down the hills of a city. The streamlined aesthetic and straightforward gameplay of the game contribute to its overall appeal. Plan your next move while the ball is still in motion.

Maintaining control of your ball in the centre of the platforms will prevent it from rolling off into the space between them. Because of this, it will be quite simple to react to any given circumstance. To guarantee that your ball is able to leap, you will need to carefully steer the ball in the desired direction and precisely measure the distance between each level.


Pressing the up arrow key will cause you to leap.
You may go between the two sides by using the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard.