Sector 781

Sector 781

Sector 781 is a fantastic vintage action game in which you must battle your way across two realms in order to complete all three levels with 25 screens!


Sector 781 is a 2D metroidvania platformer made by Refold. In "Sector 7781," you may fight your way across three worlds. You may improve your character and your arsenal, and you can gather shards to replenish your energy. The worlds can be traveled between via teleports. Shoot both moving and non-moving objects. Don't forget to activate laptop checkpoints to store your location.


Browser-compatible titles are frequently not overly complex. Maps shown on a single screen can help conserve resources. Kevin Games is quite pleased with this. This is a worthwhile experience that takes more than one session to complete. Some of the primary advantages are as follows:

Amazing planet with robots and a labyrinth of cybernetic security systems
There are several interconnecting routes that may be be investigated simultaneously or in any sequence.
Additional possibilities for battle and movement are offered by hidden goods.
Upgrades and collectibles that reward curiosity
"Metroidvania" is a common name for this combo. Initially, most places are inaccessible. The main character may acquire a unique skill or tool that helps him go through.


  • Move - Arrow keys
  • Jump - X
  • Shoot - C
  • Map - M
  • Quit - ESC