Retro Rally

Retro Rally

Retro Rally is a great retro game like Retro Bowl and Retrocade. It's a cute little "state-of-the-art" racer that you control with your mouse.


It's Thursday, so it's time to go back in time. Retro Rally is a racing game where you drive a classic sports car on the side of the screen.

The board game Retro Rally brings the world of old and classic cars to your table. The game is a simulation of how old cars work and how they break down. It also mimics real-life road rallying, with things like road books, checkpoints, changing weather, hazards, service areas, and help cars. You can also speed up, pass other cars, and overtake them.
Each player has two cars: one for racing and one for helping out. Players have to decide on the car's features and what's in it. Dice can be used to change the weather or make a car break down. Cards can be used to access car features like sport suspension and accessories like fog lights. Consumables like fuel are also available. Depending on their feature and accessory cards, fuel cards are used to move the cars. They can also be affected by the weather or break downs.