Retro Goal

Retro Goal

Retro Goal has a rich selection of play modes and customization options for players. Whether you want to pass or shoot, you dribble with your left hand and then move to your left side.

How to Play

Players from the team of your choice will make up your opening lineup. There's only one catch. You won't suddenly become the team leader. There are three main positions on the pitch, similar to those in regular football: defense, midfield, and offense.

Player Infor

  • Player's age in years. It's no secret that as a gamer gets older, his stamina goes down.
  • The duration of the player's contract in the organization.
  • A team's morale may be defined as their level of enthusiasm, self-assurance, and self-control. Therefore, the most productive player is the one who has the highest level of morale. A yellow or red card might be shown if they continue to cause problems.
  • Few athletes have the qualities that show up in their performance.
  • Value is determined by the worth of the athlete. Anything might be exchanged for money, goods, or services.
  • This player's rating may be shown here. For a higher rating, one must have a greater quality.
  • Potential refers to the maximum possible skill level at which a player may perform.

Retro Bowl vs. Retro Goal

Based on the 1980s arcade classic Tecmo Bowl, Retro Bowl is a football videogame with an American football theme.

With a summer 2021 release, Retro Goal is eerily similar to Retro Bowl, a veteran of the field. But, this one is constructed with European soccer in mind. Both games use pixelated visuals reminiscent of the classic arcades of the 20th century, giving them a distinct sense of nostalgia. These are easy to use, and the speed of the game is moderate enough that you won't have to tap your fingers.