Pixel Hardcore

Pixel Hardcore

Pixel Hardcore is a great action game in which you have to beat all the levels to find the key and open the door.


Pixel Hardcore is a fun puzzle platformer where you have to find 15 keys to open 15 levels.

A platformer is the type of game Pixel Journey is. You need to find the key to finish the level. Go to the door after that. Even though it might look easy, there will be a lot to deal with. Can you convince them all? You can jump, run, and slide in Pixel Hardcore, which is a platform game. You take control of four different pixelated characters as they fight for power in a world full of explosions. You can get new levels, weapons, enemies, and bosses by using Pixel expansions. You can fight until the end, or you can let your Pixel friends go.


You can control the character with a computer or a phone. On a computer, you move the character by pressing the WASD keys. Use the buttons on a mobile device's screen.