Penalty Champs 21

Penalty Champs 21

In the fantastic football game "Penalty Champs 21," you must assume the character of a superb and accomplished football player in order to win!


For various groups, Penalty Champs 21 provides an entertaining and exciting football punishment game. Your preferred football team should be selected before the game. Change positions, relax, pay attention to your surroundings, defend your goal, and transfer the ball from the corner while keeping your mind clean. Have fun putting your reflexes to the test!


In 60 seconds, as many penalties as you can. But take careā€”if you miss the mark or are too far off, we have the right to take away points.

With more than 50 variations, Penalty Champs mimics football penalties. Select your opponent, your squad, and the venue to play a virtual penalty in a football globe. You may access Penalty Champs in English, French, and German in addition to Spanish, Spanish, and Italian.


Arrow Left, move left

Arrows moving to the right

Moving forward

Arrow Down: Reverse

Use the Spacebar to jump