Moto X3M

Moto X3M

The adrenaline-pumping video game Moto X3M challenges players to complete all 50 levels in their own unique fashion while avoiding any and all traps along the way.

How to Play 

How to Play  As you make your way through the difficult terrain and obstacles, you will need to accomplish the task at your own pace. You may select from one of 25 different levels. A well-known video game is called Moto X3M. We have maintained the same amount of involvement, but we have added decoys to the levels that are more challenging. The rider has to make their way through caves that are lighted only by torches, jagged cliffs, and dunes coated with sand.


  • Pressing the WASD key or the arrow keys will allow you to control both the bike and the rider.
  • To apply gas and accelerate, use the W key or the Up Arrow key on your keyboard.
  • You may stop the game by using the S key or the Down Arrow key.
  • To make the rider slow down and lean back, use the A key or the left arrow key on your keyboard.
  • To make the rider lean forward and turn the bike, use the D key or the right arrow key on your keyboard.