Minecraft is a famous online multiplayer game in which players work together to build their own unique worlds and experiences. You may play Minecraft anyway you choose with this guide, but remember: your survival is paramount!


Survival - Players, having been generated into a new planet at random, must make preparations for their own well-being by constructing a safe haven and scavenging for food and water.

"Creative" is a game mode where players have instantaneous access to almost all blocks or objects.

Objects may be interacted with in this adventure game.

Spectator - Cannot be seen by other players and cannot interact with the game's creatures or blocks.

Hardcore is a game mode that is very similar to survival mode, except that the difficulty is always at the highest setting (in this case, "hard") and players never respawn.


  • In order to move, use the WASD keys, or the Arrow Keys.
  • F = available/inaccessible roster
  • Talk = left shift + running
  • A click of the left mouse button will initiate an assault (hold the bow).
  • As soon as you click the right mouse button, things start happening (put the block, access the block inventory, then use the teleport).
  • Using 1–8 = Toggle items in use in fast inventory
  • Dropping Q = Unloading Items
  • Pressing Esc brings up the game's menu and closes the current window.