Magic Cat Academy 2

Magic Cat Academy 2

Take control of Momo and vanquish the final adversary in Magical Cat Academy 2!

Game Rules

You will not only combat animals, but also possessed minions such as jellyfish sharks, squid, and fish that have turned into vampires. The boss may be defeated by using lightning. The countdown clock will be stopped either when the checkmark appears at the conclusion of a level or when the button to bypass the cutscene appears on Level 5.

The beginning of the timeline may be found by clicking the "Draw" button. At the present time, none of it is visible to the naked eye. It's possible that mending wounded hearts through laughter and slide displays. In spite of the fact that it seems simple on the surface, rapid action is essential to ensure that all of the assailants are removed.

5 levels

  • Area Affected by Light (Medusa Immortal)
  • A Slant on the Unknown in the Twilight Zone (Bogue)
  • Location Known as Bathyal (Vampire Squid)
  • Monkfish (also known as Monkfish) (Monkfish)
  • The neighborhood of Hadal (Volcano)