The excellent game Grindcraft is based on the popular Minecraft franchise. Your objective is to discover the materials that can be used to create more powerful items.

How to Play

GrindCraft strips Minecraft of its 3D environment, allowing players to focus only on the game's building and tinkering aspects. Move the mouse pointer over the icons to view a list of the tools you need to complete the task. Just click on the corresponding icons on the left side of the screen to get them.

As you go through the game, new areas will become available to you. You will only be able to enter the overworld location after completing the first level. If you have the appropriate tools, you'll have no trouble gaining access to the raw resources.


  • Rapid-fire gaming in the manner of clickers
  • Create a wide variety of Minecraft goods.
  • You may automate the gathering of resources by constructing a hamlet that is staffed by a number of different people.
  • Watch the GrindCraft community expand as you kick back and relax!