Golf Pin

Golf Pin

Golf Pin is a fantastic puzzle sports game in which you have to put in a lot of work to complete all of the challenging stages by making use of all of the talents you need to win at golf.

How to Play

In order to progress through the stages of Golf Pin, you will need to overcome difficult obstacles and exhibit your expertise in golf, which is one of the most popular sports.


  • Launch white golf balls in the direction of the pins to knock them down.
  • If you miss, you are not allowed to try again with another golf club.
    You are free to let your balls fall into the hole without incurring any penalty.
  • Simply removing the pins will allow you to switch from the smaller gray ball to the pink golf ball.
  • Hold off on lowering the gray balls until the pink ball has made contact with them.
  • After then, the gray balls will take on a pink hue.
  • To complete the level, you must first drop all of the pink balls into the hole.


It is played with the mouse.