Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is an engaging video game in which the primary objective is to avoid being caught in any traps and making it through each level's challenges while having fun and listening to catchy music.


The action platformer Geometry Dash is focused on rhythm, and it challenges players to jump and soar over perilous environments. Along the path, you will come across a good number of jump rings and jump pads. You may use them to change the force of gravity or to do double leaps. Put forth your best effort if you want to enter the last gateway. There are a total of six phases in this universe, and each one presents its own unique challenge. As you make your way through the globe, you will come across several barriers that can be moved. They are able to travel both upwards and downwards, as well as in the opposite direction. You need to respond swiftly if you want to avoid them. They may be broken down into seven distinct categories, each of which has a unique form. They may be broken down into seven distinct categories, including squares, circles, and rockets.


Action-Platformer with a Strong Focus on Rhythm!
Launch rockets, manipulate gravity, and do a variety of other cool stuff!
Test your mettle with the Near Impossible!