Bloo Kid 2

Bloo Kid 2

In Bloo Kid 2, a new version of Bloo Kid, you must sprint, jump, and swim your way through 12 levels in 5 letter worlds!


A 2D retro-style platformer with stunning pixel visuals, a complete chiptune music, and traditional 2D retro-style gameplay, Bloo Kid 2 is available now.


Every detail was amazing. Then a former foe paid a call. In the midst of living the good life, our hero and Pink Girl welcomed a child. Our couple was visited by the wicked wizard, who then abducted their young daughter. If you think you can go on a quest and battle an evil sorcerer, we should go now. You must run, jump, and swim your way through five planets in this retro-style platformer game to finish all of the levels. There will be many of adversaries around. Jumping on them will defeat them, but you must prevent them from touching your body. If they do, you're going to die. Collect all of the stars and finish the level before time runs out to get extra stars. Along the road, you could come across a treasure chest. Jumping on it may get you stars and perhaps even more lives. Your life and all the stars you have accumulated will be shown on the screen.


  • To move, press Left or Right.
  • To leap, press "Up." Press the bottom to exit platforms.
  • When in the air, press up to do a double leap.
  • To swim, press up when submerged.
  • Jump on adversaries to defeat them.