Bloo Kid

Bloo Kid

Your objective in the wonderful vintage game Bloo Kid, which has fantastic pixel visuals reminiscent of Super Mario Bros and Super Billy Boy, is to eliminate every enemy wave.


Bloo Kid needs your assistance to save his fiancée from the wicked Wizard in this one-screen, vintage platformer. Through 96 levels across EIGHT distinct worlds, jump and run.


Bloo Kid is a retro-styled 2D platformer with stunning pixel art. A comprehensive chiptune soundtrack is also included. Through five worlds, each with twelve stages, you can jump, run, and swim. There are numerous mysteries and tough bossfights in Bloo Kid's realm. The arrow buttons and the onscreen controls may be used to control the game.


  • To travel left or right, using the arrow keys.
  • To leap, press the up key.
  • Jump upon foes to defeat them while holding down the up key to create higher jumps.