The IO game Astrodud is quite enjoyable. It is imperative that you steer clear of pit traps, swinging bats, and floating platforms. You can avoid getting in trouble and keep your head down by constantly colliding with other players and shoving them about.

Instructions on Playing Astrodud

Inside a 3D setting, you are required to compete in a race to the finish. To access further personalization choices, you'll need to avoid obstacles and gather money. The objective may be found in the middle-lower part of the display screen. You have to successfully finish the obstacle course in order to be eligible for the next round. Continue to play until you are disqualified. Register yourself in order to receive access to restricted sections.

Features of the Game

  • You have access to around 150 different personalization choices that you may pick from.
  • 18 completely unique and creative maps
  • Action-packed action, lightning-fast battles, and a wide range of game types


  • You'll need to use the W A S key in order to guide your astronaut throughout the map.
  • You may control the player's movement by pressing E.
  • To leap, use the space bar on your keyboard.
  • Just move your mouse to explore the environment.