Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl

Welcome back to Retro Bowl, a classic American-style football game where you have to coach your team and become the champion at the end of each season. Your mission in this game is to form your own team and win rewards at the end of each season. Be the dominator of the NFL league, build your team and keep your fans happy and satisfied. You can edit the name, jersey, or location of any player. You need to focus on managing your team because that is the most important feature in this game. 

Retro Bowl was developed by New Star Games, a British independent video game developer. The game rules are also original American football rules. Your team will have 11 players. You have to score more points than your opponent by moving the ball into the end of the opponent's playing area to make a touch. To do this, you need to throw the ball to a teammate or catch the ball and run with it. With a super simple gameplay following the classic rules of Rugby - the king of American sports, it's so easy to score and get the biggest prize. Play for free now!


  • Simple gameplay and controls 
  • Nostalgic feel of a well-known American sport 
  • 11-player team divided into four roles 
  • Traditional rugby rules a
  • Classic 2D graphics reminiscent of games from the 1990s 


Is Retro Bowl a free game? 

Retro Bowl Online is a free game that can be played instantly in your web browser. 

How can I play Retro Bowl? 

All you have to do is to swipe quickly on the screen. Swipe up to move to your back's right or swipe down to move to your left. If you calculate right, you can get in some good stiff-arm moves and avoid tackles. 

Is Retro Bowl a 2-player game? 

No, Retro Bowl is a team-up football game without multiplayer. 

What is the Green Ribbon in Retro Bowl? 

The different ribbons have different meanings: Green = ROTY, Purple = MVP, Red = DPOY, Blue = OPOY.


  • Your team will be divided into 3 different parts: 
  • The attacking role, called midfielder, performs the ball winning phase and throws the ball for teammates. 
  • The defensive role is responsible for preventing the opponents from running away with the ball. 
  • The task force kicks and throws the ball on the playing ground. This group is usually reserved for fast-running members.


  • Navigate - Mouse / Trackpad
  • Select - LMB

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